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This section of KGAF encourages kids to forget about the world of homework, and walk into the fantastical world of stories, where a child on wheels can be a hero and so can the queen of Kashmir. For kids interested in discovering their inner storyteller, we have workshops on art of fantasy writing, illustrating and photo-stories too. The CSMVS Museum lawns and  Kitab Khana are the designated spaces for children and young adults to indulge in their creative side as they paint, create,  read, write, have fun and learn. Visual Art installations in the Museum lawns by children  are a major attraction
SCHEDULE | children.kgaf@gmail.com


Coomaraswamy Hall and Visitors’ Centre at CSMVS transform into mini theatres that attract cinephiles for a movie experience like no other. From hard-hitting documentaries to entertaining Bollywood flicks, the cinema section has it all. Heavyweights of the film industry including Farah Khan, Boman Irani, Ramesh Sippy,Rajkumar Rao, Akshay Kumar, Sonam Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan etc. have graced the stage for panel discussions on cinema, that have enthralled audiences.
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The dance section, signifies youthfulness, a desire to explore,a desire to fulfill dreams. Keeping with the kinesthetic energy of dance. The various dance performances are aimed to express limitless energy and create an infectious environment to sit back and enjoy all forms of dance .Evenings at the festival will juxtapose India’s rich traditional dance forms with contemporary steps,both being performed and enjoyed by all ages.
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Our section dedicated to all things delicious with a series of master-chef workshops highlighting different cuisines, food walks held on the weekend that showcase some hidden gems in the area. Many neighbouring restaurants showcase a special KGAF themed menu with unique dishes curated for the festival that are different from their regular ones.
SCHEDULE | food.kgaf@gmail.com


Kala Ghoda was once the nerve centre of Mumbai. Our walks at different points in the Fort – Colaba precinct that end at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival. Curated walks for 9 days, with themes that link the old with the new, bringing the past into stark relief against the future; these walks, and heritage bus tours are a delight to experience and will help you understand the ethos of this amazing sub-precinct using narratives at different locations along the way.
SCHEDULE | heritage.kgaf@gmail.com


Writing, reading, and a generation of ideas through literature will take the audience from the whirling energies of the Arts Festival into the quiet sanctum of the garden courtyard at the David Sassoon Library . The Children,s Literature sessions are held at Kitab Khana
SCHEDULE | literature.kgaf@gmail.com


The Music section brings together people who share a common language. A music line up that explores different genres and gives a stage to popular artists as well as folk musicians who have enthralled audiences in equal measure.Listen to the sounds of the master playing his sitar under a canopy of stars, on a stage lined by trees and backed by heritage buildings. The music section has always been special, more so because of its unusual locations – Cross Maidan and the Asiatic Library Steps.
SCHEDULE | music.kgaf@gmail.com


The craft stalls at the festival have always been a shopper’s delight. Year after year small scale entrepreneurs and local artisans have showcased their creativity through clothes, bags, shoes, home décor items and more. The stalls section provides a platform for lesser known Indian arts and crafts to shine and patrons have responded with gusto each year, turning Rampart Row into a buzzing hub for the 9 days of the festival. The parking lot that houses the NGO stalls under the umbrella of NGOs ,also sees a high number of footfalls , as people shop for a good cause. Studio Potters’ Market inside the premises of CSMVS has become popular, many turn up year after year to buy one-of-a-kind ceramics and support individual pottery artists.
SCHEDULE | kgafstalls@gmail.com


The standup comedy section brings to you the top most comics in the city, giving a nod to the current topics that 

New and upcoming comics as well as seasoned and famous ones take  the stage… come fall in love with comedy.
SCHEDULE | standup.kgaf@gmail.com


A platform for lesser known Indian arts and crafts to shine and patrons have responded with gusto each year, turning The street into a buzzing hub. The craft stalls at the festival have always been a shopper’s delight. Studio Potters’ Market inside the premises of CSMVS has its share of loyals too.In addition there are small street performances  and Visual Art installations on K.Dubash Marg, lined by the open air  Rampart Galleries
SCHEDULE | street.kgaf@gmail.com


Theatre has been seen as a medium of change more than any other form of art especially in India and the Theatre section at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival has always strived to put up performances from Hindi and regional theatre that both inspire and entertain. With venues including Horniman Circle Gardens, MC Ghia Hall and the auditorium at the National Gallery of Modern Art, the theatre section has plays and performances that welcome everyone with open arms.
SCHEDULE | theatre.kgaf@gmail.com


The Urban Design and Architecture section is focussing on the way we discuss, talk-about, and present – architecture, design, and cities. So the speakers will include writer, film-makers, architects, and artists, who have been, through their everyday work and practice, presenting the built environment and through their interpretations providing the large field a ‘way of seeing’. At Max Mueller Bhavan library
SCHEDULE | uda.kgafest@gmail.com


The historic art district of Kala Ghoda, weavs art and culture for every Mumbaikar.  Having extended its confines beyond Rampart Row, will feature installations and various visual art exhibits focussing on Mumbai and Maharashtrian art and artists in an effort to enhance the footprint of the Festival that reflect perception of a continuous progression in which all changes have taken place, within the space-time-continuum.
SCHEDULE | visual.kgaf@gmail.com


Nuggets from the fields of art, music, film, dance, literature, photography, fitness, cartooning and much more, is like the proverbial salt—simple, unassuming and discreet, but miss it and you miss the flavours of the Festival! It brings together dancers, musicians, writers, jewellery makers, waste upcyclers, painters and intellectuals to add to the spirit of the festival. The aim is to introduce participants to new experiences which leave them more enriched in mind and body. Designed for young adults and adults.
SCHEDULE | workshops.kgaf@gmail.com